American Pie - online The new arrival Naked Mile sale

American Pie - online The new arrival Naked Mile sale

American Pie - online The new arrival Naked Mile sale
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Product Description

Ready to run wild with hundreds of naked coeds in one of the craziest college traditions ever? Then you''ll love the all-new, hilarious slice of American Pie, served up Stifler-style in American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile! When Erik Stifler realizes that he''s the only Stifler family member who might graduate high school a virgin, he decides to live up to his legacy. After some well-meaning advice from Jim''s dad (Eugene Levy), Erik''s ready to take his chances at the annual and infamous Naked Mile race, where his devoted buds and some uninhibited sorority girls will create the most outrageous weekend ever. Filled with smokin'' hot girls and the insane Stifler antics you know and love, this slice of American Pie delivers shocking and heartwarming fun all the way to the finish line!

Bonus Content:

  • The Yoga Guide to Getting Girls
  • The Bare Essentials
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes
  • Outtakes
  • Little People, Big Stunts
  • Life on The Naked Mile
  • Feature Commentary with Director Joe Nussbaum, Writer Erik Lindsay and Cast Members Steve Tally, Jake Siegel, John White and Ross Thomas

    Kudos to the home-video exec who came up with the "Presents..." prefix to keep a movie franchise going, even though it has almost no relation to the entries that came before. This is number five in the series that started with American Pie, an unexpected hit of a teen sex romp that kept the box office and DVD grosses (not to mention gross-outs) coming. The last entry, American Pie Presents: Band Camp, was the first non-theatrical release, which gave the filmmakers more "anything goes" freedom in the "unrated" department than ever. The Naked Mile kicks it up another notch with more gratuitous female nudity, bodily fluid flinging, and sexual overtones than anyone thought could be topped. Pubescent boys and those with minds forever stuck in that dimension, get ready to ogle babes and roar at puerile humor like you never have before. The only American Pie connections are in the form of the Stifler family, filled with a never-ending string of sex-crazed high school and college boys, and Eugene Levy as family friend Mr. Levenstein, who pops in for a (presumably) hefty paycheck and a couple of lines of sexual wisdom about the connection between promiscuity and growing up. Our hero, Erik Stifler, is on a weekend vacation at the local college where his cousin knows all the hot babes. He''s in possession of a "free pass" from his virginal girlfriend to lose his own virginity. His visit just happens to coincide with the college''s traditional Naked Mile run, an excuse to fill the screen with raw young flesh and stupid drunken frat kids engaging in silly sexual deviance that some people may find funny. And let''s face it, if they''re going to find the nudity and sordid sex play offensive, they''re not going to have this DVD in their hands. All ends as it should: Erik finds true sex--ahem, love--with his girlfriend and everyone else finds it with whoever is handy. Mostly importantly, the cycle is left open with everything ripe for another sure-to-be classic in the American Pie Presents series. --Ted Fry

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